Excel Expert Training
Excel Expert Training  I can share over 10 years experience for your happiness !
  • Speed up your Excel task. More than 75% faster. You will spend less than 25% of your invaluable time sitting in front of PC. Many days job will be finished in a second!
  • Excel will be easier forever.
  • Do things that nobody can do from Excel. Secrets that only my students and I know how. This secret is made in Thailand only.
  • Dynamic excel formula without using any Visual Basic for Applications.
  • Trick for using Visual Basic for Application with no need of programming language.
    Instead of buying new Pentium PC, upgrading yourself to be an Excel Expert User is more favorite choice. Learn how to drive Excel as a computer tool.
(Believe me, more than 95% of Thai users can use Excel only as calculator but not computer. Some are worse, they use Excel as only typewriter. No matter Pentium PC with latest Excel version is using or not, output and time-consuming of users are not much improved.)


Expert Training
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My name is Somkiat Foongkiat and I am an Excel Instructor. Courses below are what I am providing at Technology Promotion Institute, 4Zr Group Training House, NetBand Consulting, or at your company as internal in-house training whenever and wherever you may prefer :

  • MBA's Guide to Microsoft Excel

  • Excel Expert Tips, Tricks, and Traps

  • Work Simplification with Excel VBA

  • Eliminating Excel Y2K Problems

  • Excel Tips for Production Planning and Control

  • Managing Data with Excel

  • Financial Management with Excel



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Place for learning and questioning Excel
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